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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Things I Wish Were Easier to Find in Germany #004
Fresh Cilantro

It's called coriander here. Yes, you can find it, but it's not always easy. It seems the locals don't like it so much.

You can find Cilantro/Coriander in Germany in some markets ... just because they have a fresh herbs section does not mean they will have it. In Frankfurt, you can find it cut for sale at the Kleinmarkthalle downtown. I have not seen in in most grocery stores like MiniMal or Toom, but I have occasionally seen it among the live potted herbs at WalMart. It seems only Auslanders buy the stuff, so only the high-end and low-end Auslander shopping outlets seem to carry it.

I grow my own. There must be some demand for it, because you can find Coriander seeds for planting among the shelves of seed packets at the local Baumarkt.

Cilantro plus several items of "The Essential Kitchen" make Fresh Salsa or Pico Gallo. You don't find that here, and the closest you get is Fuego salsa in a jar, which is ok, but nothing beats the fresh stuff ... something I do miss from Southern California.


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