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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Rheingau

Let's pretend I am typing this in on Tuesday evening ... well, it's still Tuesday evening in the US, so that's go enough for me. I got a late start into the day, largely due to dropping documents off at an offically approved translator and doing a little banking, but I decided to head west for the Rheingau ... had not been there for a while.

As I was passing under the A-5, I thought "I bet there's construction on the A-66 .... maybe I should take the A5 south to the A3 and then West." I've always been good at thinking, but unfortunately I've too often been good at second-thoughts, which in this case went something like, "Nah! How bad can it be." I finally got to where I would have been on the A-3 in 20 minutes if I had taken it an hour ago. 40 minutes lost.

This would have pissed me off in my banking days ... and it still does, because I have book-ended 4 out every 5 days in the week with a language class. Tonight's class started at 7pm, so I had enough room to venture the 60Km or so to the Rheingau, but the loss of 40 minutes meant that one stop and one wine tasting had to be cut out of the day ... well, at the time I believe I gave myself the choice to cut class, but Tuesday is Chinese, and I actually enjoy that class. If it had been German, which I have on the other three nights, there would have been at least two more wine tastings this afternoon.

I settled on Schloss Johannisberg ... it has a good set of paths through the vineyards, and it also has a great view of the Rhein Valley. Since I had camera in hand, I figured it would be the best subject of the day. Schloss Vollrads might look more like what one would expect from an American's perspective of how German vinter's layouts ought to look, but Johannisberg is not exactly a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

Fortunately I had had a light lunch in Frankfurt, so I was not hungry when I arrived at a closed restaurant. Which did not matter since I had decided on a Schnitzel later in Kiedrich. And so I set about walking the paths around the Schloss and snapping photos, which I would have shared here, but for some reason blogger is not uploading any more.

Just as well, as this post was on its way to getting James Joycian. So I leave it with a blick of the Rhein.


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