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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Factoid 001

Here's an interesting factoid for you sociologists out there ... this is pulled from the Modern Language Association Language Map, the current edition of which is based on data from the 2000 US Census, primarily around the question, "Does this person speak a language other than English at home?"

Let's take it as a proxy for where Germans go when they move to the US. Hmmm ... California, Florida, New York, Colorado, Arizona ... no surprises there. But North & South Dakota? Minnesota?

Central Texas is interesting because the Partnerin's uncle was held there as a POW during WWII. When I met him he told me he always wanted to move back there after the war, but he never made it back there. What was really interesting is that the POW camp where he was held was just down the road from my Step-father's ranch. Small world indeed.


Blogger Haddock said...

My father in law (German) was a POW in France in WW2 held by the British. From that time he has great love of English tea and most things British :)

8:59 PM, April 25, 2006  

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