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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Livng in Hope

I was at the end of my rope on Saturday morning when the counter-top for our new kitchen arrived. Yes, we have not yet moved, but the Partnerin insisted on having the countertop delivered to us now so that it could be included in the the truck for delivery at the new flat. I was at the end of my rope because one guy showed up in a truck to deliver it ... turns out the deal was that we had to offload it from the truck, and let me tell you that 4 meters of countertop can be pretty heavy.

Guess I am glad we didn't go for granite after all, although we chose something called Resopal in a granite pattern, which should look good in any case even though it isn't the real thing. At roughly EUR 45 per meter of length, it was about 33% more expensive than the typical countertops you pick up in a german Baumarkt. But in the great scheme of things I think we paid a total of EUR 220 for the coutertop plus finishing accessories to be delivered, so it wasn't so bad. That plus the new sink and fixtures plus total installation on moving day will place the total kitchen cost at roughly EUR 600.

This puts us EUR 15,400 better off than one of the Partnerin's friends, who spent that much more for a designer kitchen. Worse still, that was half-off the original price since it had been a display model. I've seen that kitchen and it was not worth anything near that. To make matters worse, their EUR 3000 Lieberr fridge has apparently broken down three times in the past four months. Good thing for her it was winter, and glad we went for an LG.

I think the friend will be somewhat envious when she sees the contertop, even though the appliances underneath are still the same crappy old ones we have had for years. Part of me is wishing I had insisted on a couple of new appliances, especially after reading about Mausi's dishwasher. Time will tell.

But on Saturday morning I ... we ... were faced with moving what felt like 75 kilos of 4-meter long countertop up a flight of stairs. These are the times where you see what your relationship is made of. I am bitchy at times like these, but we don't fight ... a testament largely to the Partnerin's patience, although I am mellowng somewhat in my middle age. I still bitch and whine, but I've learned to get it out of my system much faster. In the meantime, the countertop will live in the garage until moving day.

I'd like to say that I don't know what the partnerin was thinking, but I actually do. Germans have no faith in deliveries being on time. If you take Claire's sofa experience to heart, it is a wonder that they have any faith that even the right thing will be delivered at all. At this point I need a note to my self to pray that the sofa we ordered delivered to new flat is the right one ... I put my foot down on that one and don't know if that will pay off.

That's one diffrence between Germans and Americans that I am finally beginning to understand. Americans will arrange the logistics to have everything show up at the intended point of delivery. Germans will deliver to a staging point for further delivery as a package. Maybe not all Germans, but more than a few in my experience. I never understood why before now, but having experienced deliveries in Germany I am beginning to get it.

In the meantime, at least the Partnerin has the assurance that we have the right countertop, even if it does end up warping on the garage floor. Meanwhile, I will be living in hope that the right sofa shows up on schedule. I don't know which set of worries is better.


Anonymous Maribeth said...

There, there, it will all work out. When do you move?

2:08 AM, March 04, 2007  
Blogger christina said...

Oh wow, you guys are so prepared. We were actually blown away that our kitchen got delivered right on time and than the installation went off without a hitch. The only thing they still have to do is exchange the innards of one of the lazy susans because they delivered two different ones, but they apparently that can't be done until after Easter. Because they have to hunt for eggs. Or something.

12:48 PM, March 08, 2007  

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