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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It Takes More Than Good Head
To get ahead in Germany

I wrote last May that I wish Guinness Extra Stout® would be easier to find in Germany. It seems to have happened.

It used to be that you might find it at the odd Getraenkmarkt, and occasionally at Wal Mart®. Since that post, Guinness Extra Stout® has become progressively easier to find in Germany, and is now even carried by Toom, no doubt after seeing the gratuitous plug I gave Wal Mart®.

Time to send a bill to the advertising departments at Guinness PLC (or is it now Diageo ???) and Wal Mart® (or is it now Real ???).

Meanwhile, if you want to move product in Germany, advertise on Der Auslander!

Guinness Extra Stout is a registered trademark of GUINNESS PLC LTD LIAB CO BY CHANGE OF NAME FROM GREAT BRITAIN BODIAM HOUSE TWYFORD ABBEY RD. LONDON ENGLAND, whatever the hell that means. I'm usually good at decoding these trademark searches, but the Guinness marks are really in a knot.

Wal Mart is a registered trademark of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. CORPORATION DELAWARE 702 S.W. 8th Street Bentonville ARKANSAS 72716, the Delaware holding company for the intellectual property (if such a phrase can be used in conjunction with that brand) for this Bentonville AR based behemoth.

Always read the tiny print.


Anonymous Maribeth said...

I thought Wal-Mart was closed in Germany?

1:53 PM, February 08, 2007  
Blogger Scott said...

Ah, Guinness Extra Stout. Brings back memories. I can't stand the stuff myself (not many can), but I remember my Army buddies had this silly ritual where they'd try to see who could make the "tallest" head.

@Maribeth: Walmart closed? Not quite, yet. They have started posting warning signs in our local stores that Real is on the way. No one knows (or will say) when that'll be, though. For now, it's still Walmart.

10:02 PM, February 08, 2007  
Blogger EuroTrippen said...

We were at Wal-Mart this afternoon... everything was on clearance(stark reduziert!). For Dresden anyway, the end is nigh.

8:44 PM, February 09, 2007  
Blogger Mike B said...

Maribeth: As Scott mentions and Eurotrippen continues, the stores were bought by Real (pronounced in the Spanish way) and the shelves are being cleared. .

Scott: I had two roomates at one point in my Air Force days, and when I came home from a week on alert all of my beer was gone. Guinness was the one thing I kind of liked that they wouldn't touch, so it kind of stuck with me.

Eurotrippen: I still can't figure out how WalMart, which pretty much makes it everywhere else in the world, couldn't make a good go of it in Germany. Never underestimate the German consumer, much less the protections built into the market by the collaboration of big government and big labor. Which is one reason why it is so hard to find good cheddar cheese in Germany.

11:44 PM, February 11, 2007  

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