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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dear Deutsche Telekom
See closing comment to Deutsche Post in prior post below"

Every time I think I am getting closer to having first-world technology in what used to be a technology-leading country, I am reminded where I am. I can update Twitter with my phone, but for reasons unknown to me Twitter SMS updates cannot be sent to my phone. Probably because I refused to sign up for the outrageously priced data service packages, which, by the way, do not allow for VoIP ... If I'm going to pay a fortune for a data packet, I want the freedom to use VoIP so I can avoid the outrageous charges for individual telephone calls. Oh yeah, I forgot where I am. This is standard fare in Germany, where the customer should remember that he is only the customer and is only given the privilege to buy products and services to keep otherwise useless bureaucrats employed.

Deutsche Telekom executives: Please see the Al Goldstein video below.


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