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Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 7

The new season of 24 just kicked off on Sky-1 (Monday evening). At first I thought it might be a slumberfest, given the somewhat disappointing ending to series six and the somewhat wishy-washy "Redemption," not to mention a somewhat cheesey launch into Jack's reactivation in service to his country after being dragged back to the US to face a grilling and a wrap for torture and other crimes, but ... it was rather enjoyable. A little punching and threatening, some gun play, and Jack versus his old friend Tony. A bit slow at times, but they're still defibrillating Jack's brain no doubt.

This is the new 24, so not so much torture (seems people were getting squeamish about that stuff) ... but hey, there are a few characters who really seem to deserve it, and we still have 22 more hours in the day.


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