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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Where the Hell Are the Republicans?

I know there are still one or two of them left in the Senate. Can they please reach down deep in their pockets, get a good grip on that Louisville Slugger, and strongly object to the appointment of a Treasury-Secretary-Nominee who appears to have very consciously neglected to pay taxes over several years. This is, after all, the person who will be tasked to enforce the US's tax laws.

If you or I made this "honest mistake," we'd pay taxes plus no shortage of penalties and would have a black mark on our records for years. He gets off simply with paying back taxes ... oh, and he get's to be Treasury Secretary.

Hope ... Change ... ugh!


Anonymous Tiffany said...

Another Republican expat in Germany...and here I thought I was all alone. Everyone is so caught up in Obama fever around here it just makes me ill. ;)

11:11 AM, January 25, 2009  
Blogger Mike B said...

My Partnerin, who leans quite to the left herself but is still grounded in common sense, is actually growing sick of Obamania herself.

I would simply be happy at this point to have some shred of two-party rule still in evidence. I have the vague feeling I know what it must have felt like to watch the PRI take hold in Mexico.

12:20 AM, January 29, 2009  

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