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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ginger or Marianne?

If you ask that question of just about any German you will meet, you will be met with a blank stare. Gilligan's Island just didn't make it here. Neither, for that matter, did Seinfeld (it was pulled off the air for, of all things, Hogan's Heros). So, what does register with Germans?

Well, setting aside that legend known as David Hasselhof, there's Chuck Norris. My colleagues yesterday were discussing Chuck Norris and his ability to do / achieve / conquer just about anything. So after hearing about 20 minutes of Chuck Norris adoration (yes, really), I ask in the tradition of the SuperFans (e.g. Ditka or Jesus?),

"Who would win ... Chuck Norris or McGyver?"

Now that lit the fuse. Turns out Germans really love McGyver. Some of these people were only in their early 20's, and last time I looked McGyver was an '80s show, which means it pre-dated them. Nevertheless, they all knew McGyver. One even had the McGyver theme as a ring-tone on his handy (that's a cell-phone for you all back across the ocean). Who would have figured?

By the way, it will always be Marianne.


Blogger C N Heidelberg said...

1. Marianne
2. Macgyver


10:50 AM, February 18, 2009  

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