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Thursday, October 09, 2008

So, How's That Bail-out Thing Working Out for You?

I had a friend ask me how my 401k is doing, and I joked that it was more like a "200.5e" these days ... in all honesty, it's really a 351i, as it is only down 12.5% for the year. But I've had a lot of friends back in the States moaning about how they no longer had any retirement savings left ... seems that making a killing in real estate was not enough for them. They bet the farm and the nest egg. Too bad.

But hey, that bailout thing seems to be going well, right??? It passed six days ago and it seems that the markets have only dropped another 20% or so in the last six straight days of declines.

The only bright spots in the last few days were watching Sarah Barracuda go after Obama and his associates, and a precious piece on Saturday Night Live spoofing a democratic press conference on the economic crisis and its victims.

The latter can be seen here ...

The former ... Many of you find her simple, even scary ... You say "Potato" and I say "Potatoe" and let's call the whole thing off. Whatever!

Let's just say I will call her the "Northern Star." At least she is true to her character, and she is fun. Much more fun that those other stuffed shirts on the ticket. I'll say it again, we could do worse, and we probably will if the polls keep trending the way they are.

Til next time, if you keep money in your mattress, please don't talk about it in coffee shops!

Stay warm.


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