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Friday, August 29, 2008

Turns Out There Will be a Woman in the White House After All

Truly inspired ... makes one wonder who gave McCain the idea, but I'll give him a lot of credit for running with it. You might have heard a lot of talk about Lieberman, or even Hillary himelf ... err, herself, as the "real" maverick picks JohnJohn could have gone with ... heck, if the MSM had had its way, they would have McCain choosing Obama as his running mate.

Already the Dem pundits are carping about a supposed lack of experience, but when you think about the fact that Obama had only 143 days in the Senate when he launched his Presidential bid, it becomes difficult to deny that the Republican VP candidate has more executive experience than the Dem Presidential candidate ... and she seems to have significantly more relevant real-life experience to boot. Whine on, Paul Begala.

It was going to be difficult to vote for a man who has crossed the aisle one too many times in the mistaken belief that bipartisanship was anything more than a one-way street. This will make it easier ... in fact, if we're really so worried about her being a "heartbeat away," let's put her at the top of the ticket and let McCain reprise the role of Cheney in some undisclosed location. We could do worse ... oh, wait a minute, we have done worse, and could do even worse.

And it doesn't hurt that she is a babe and can handle a gun. Well chosen, JohnJohn.


Blogger C N Heidelberg said...

For 2-3 days I thought the pick was pretty brilliant because it's all about image anyway, and her image is quite good and complements McCain well.

Now I am not so sure. Is she really the 2nd best Republican in the country for the job of president? That can't be. It's not just about complementing the top of the ticket and seeming 'cool', it's about being able to do the job if something happens to McCain, and that's kind of a hard sell.

8:07 AM, September 01, 2008  

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