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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

People Who Really Annoy Me #001
"I'll Take my Answer Over the Air"

People who call in to talk-radio shows and give what usually sounds more like a political statement rather than a question and then, being holier than thou types, close their comment with "I'll hang up now and take my answer over the air."

You hear them on both sides of the political spectrum, but more often than not I hear them on the left side ... probably because most of the talk radio I hear is NPR compliments of the Armed Forces Network. The only other talk we get tends to be Rush Limbaugh and Dr. Laura, both of whom tend to engage their callers in dialog.

So perhaps there is something to political leanings ... perhaps not. But in any case, they annoy the heck out of me.


Blogger Scott said...

Lucky you. AFN (both radio and over-the-air TV) shut down for good around here a few months ago. I found another AFN station low on the AM dial. I have no idea where it's coming from, but it's obviously not close -- the signal is very weak and often so static-filled I can't understand a thing. I especially liked to listen to AFN when I ran. Not any more. :(

I do most of my English-language radio listening over the Internet, now. I'm partial to the Chicago stations -- which is where I last lived before moving to Germany.

11:51 PM, September 18, 2008  

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