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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Things I Wish Were Easier to Find in Germany #006
Same-Day Dry Cleaning

We buried my father in the middle of Tropical Storm Alberto last week. That was not the worst of it, (Packing up his stuff was the worst of it) , but needless to say, we got somewhat rained upon despite friends with umbrellas and the little tent they put over the grave.

After the funeral and the big packup, we all retreated to our various corners of the US. I went to Connecticut to visit my mother and to take in a little more of life in the US. While there, I got to talking with a friend, who asked where the job search was going these days and asked for my resume.

OK, I'll take help when offered. Well, it was offered on Wednesday, and on Thursday I get a call from a firm asking if I can come in and talk to them on Friday. I had heard from a few firms that they would gladly talk to me when I am back on US soil, but this was taking it to the extreme.

My suit was dry when packed into the garment bag, but it was all wrinkles to start with ... it was no better when I got to New York. No problem. In America you can get same day dry cleaning in most major cities ... even the famed "One Hour Martinizing" in some places. So I walked the suit around the corner and five hours later it was ready.

You can find same-day dry-cleaning in Germany, but it is definitely not easy. I found a place in Sachsenhausen that essentially turns most dry-cleaning around by the next day. I think in a pinch if you get stuff to them early they might be able to do it same day, but I have never asked for that ... I was happy to simply get it the next day. Most dry cleaners in Germany turn things around somewhere between three to five days. In fact, for many "rush" service is three days.

The one in Sachenhause calls itself "Martinizing," sans "one hour," but thankfully quick by German standards. Their prices are competitive with those of their slower competitors, which makes their service all the more a bargain ... and, gasp, they will actually let you pay at pick-up, which most German cleaners seem to abhor.


Blogger Maribeth said...

So, you are back in Germany now?
If I'd known you were in CT we would have come down and met you for lunch or something.qdxwjvyscpbwyy

6:02 PM, June 21, 2006  
Anonymous Hamish said...

Got my dry cleaning yesterday, 15 Euros for 6 shirts in 4 days. A steal.

Sorry to hear about your pops.

9:02 AM, June 22, 2006  

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