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Thursday, June 01, 2006

German Hip-Hop ... Yo, Mikey-B is in da House

The homework assignment for German class last week was to write a song about Women. The idea was to build upon the in-class work, which was deciphering the lyrics of a Herber Grönemeyer song about Men, and I guess the intent was for us to write a few lines about women to the same tune, which is what everyone else in class did.

I decided to have a little fun with the assignment ... so I decided to compose a hip-hop number that I called "Schöne Frau." Putting together a hip-hop tune is not so hard, if you've watched enough MTV-Base or the 87 other music channels that play hip-hop around the clock ... hear enough of it and you can fake it, especially since a lot of it consists of a few samples, loops and a memorable hook. Spend another hour or so working out a plausible set of German lyrics, and you are in business.

Well, it helps to also have a keyboard and midi-sequencer, and it doesn't hurt to have a guitar, base, etc. on hand ... well those and a few other toys. Plus recording, editing, and mastering hardware/software. You get the idea.

Yep, I have too much time on my hands for things like this, which is why I have let the "important things" like taxes fall by the wayside.

The girls in class were not so mesmerized by the hip-hop tune ... they are not really into Hip-Hop at all, but at least they got a laugh from the lyrics.

I also put a few Techno tracks on the CD primarily for the amusement of Russian #2, but these were also well received by the other girls ... and I thought they only liked me 'cos I have cash.


Anonymous Hamish said...

Yo yo Mikey B, when is your album droppin, son?

9:09 AM, June 03, 2006  
Blogger Mike B said...

I gotta give props to the artistes who do this for a living. It might take me a long while to drop a hip-hop album ;)

The techno/dance collection is already in the clubs.

11:24 AM, June 03, 2006  

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