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Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Show Must Go On

I never did get to see the F-22 Raptor put on its act. I finally got a chance to move my campsite away from the highway and closer to the airshow, but in the process I missed the arrival of the Raptors on Thursday while I was setting up my tent.

The next day, on Friday, when they were supposed to put on a full show, a crash of two aircraft during an air race in the early part of the daily air show shut down the runway for a couple of hours.

They managed to get a few aircraft in the air that day because, as they say, the show must go on. Nevertheless, the Air Force stayed grounded and the airshow was cut short. Unfortunately, one of the pilots involved was killed in the crash, the other injured. We don't need such reminders that this is a risky business, but we get them anyway.

I had to pull up stakes and head to Chicago to have dinner with my sister, so I'll have to see the Raptor some other time. Other than a little heavy traffic heading south, that was pretty much the extent of my "misfortune." Despite that and the thunderstorms during a couple evenings, it was all in all a good show.


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