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Monday, June 04, 2007

It's Just Another Day ...

I feel guilty for not posting more often, but I'm living a somewhat boring life these days and I don't know if I need to bore you all with the details. To put it succinctly, you could set my life to the Paul McCartney tune, "It's Just Another Day." Well, except for the so-sad part. Not sad. Just mundane.

Well, maybe not today. My alarm went off at 6:17, but I didn't notice it until 7, menaing that I was doomed to be late today. The Partnerin has had the flu the last couple of days and has quarantined herself to the second bedroom, so she was surprised to see me when she awoke this morning. But it was nice to see her looking a little better, so the old saying about it being an ill wind that blows no good held true. I was late, but I got to see my honey.

Despite my late arrival, the recent spate of people, including the boss, being nice to me continues. Funny, but when I was firmly in their grip they were truly a miserable lot to work with. Now, with my freeom looming, they get nice. The Partnerin suggests that they are feeling rejected and being nice so they can assuage their own guilt for driving me away. Whatever. It's just a shame it came to this. I'm reminded of a line Alan Shore used in Boston Legal ... "I'm tired and I'm rich. I don't need this."

Well, I am tired, but not exactly rich ... I do have a few assets to live on, and it is amazing how liberating it can be to be able to simply walk away ... well, except for that notice perod, but if they keep on being so nice to me I probably won't fight them on that .

It's the first time in my adult life that I quit a job without having another lined up, and I told them that ... I wanted to use the Alan Shore line, but at the last minute I decided that was way over the top, so I kept it very terse ... "This letter constitutes notice for termination of my employment." Just the facts, Sir.

So I arrived at the office today just in time to pick up a phone call from 'XXX'. No, not an adult chat line ... Were that my life were so interesting, rather when the caller ID won't ID, you get 'XXX.'

It turned out to be a headhunter asking if I might be interested in a position in London. Here we go again. These people tease me, using me no doubt to make their other local candidates look more interesting, and then cast me aside. I had a bunch of these calls last year when I was officially unemployed, and none of them panned out, alhough I got a few nice day trips to London on someone else's dime. But this time around I might actually look more appealing since I still (technically) have a job, so who knows?

Some of you thought perhaps that the Russian was my midlife crisis, others perhaps were convinced that the car was further evidence. Well, you were wrong. I have a bigger, real mid-life crisis up my sleeve.

Stay tuned to see how the adventure continues.


Blogger mshuffma97 said...

Let me guess: you still haven't decided what you want to be when you grow up (but you think you know what you don't want to be)?

Welcome to the club.

10:29 AM, June 05, 2007  

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