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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Der Burger Meister - Preview

OK, I realize it sounds a bit pretentious to call myself the Master of Burgers, but I could not think of a better name for a series of posts on the various Burgers one could find in restaurants, diners, pubs, bars, etc. in Germany (maybe even the world!). If you have a better idea or a contribution to the series, we can talk. First point of business out of the way.

I got the idea yesterday as I went up the road to shoot some golf and try a little diner in Friedberg. The Partnerin and I had passed it on a couple of occasions, but we never had the chance to try it out because it was closed (Strike-one, unfortunately). I also remembered a post by Jen @ Heisse Scheisse and the responses it got (check out "Feed Me"), and thought "Gee, there is some appetite for this sort of information."

So I was ready to launch straight into issue #1, and as I was laying out the first burger above I realized that if I were going to do this any justice, I really should do a little more pre-production conceptualization & planning. I don't claim to be an artist here, but I can at least do a little better, since I was "The Suit" for a production company in New York in the mid-'90s.

By the way, the differences between Der Auslander and Martha Stewart Living® are many, mostly money ... I don't spend $5,000 to lovingly produce each piece of artwork. It would look better with a food stylist, lighting director, and director of photography, but it's not so bad after you "Fix it in Post." There are also things like style, artistic talent, and other media resources, but why let those little things get in the way of the actual production of art ... er, I mean entertainment.

Stay tuned.

Martha Stewart Living is a registered trademark of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc.

This, BTW, constitutes the first commercial use of "Der Burger Meister" by Mike B Productions in the classes IC 035 and IC 042. Click here to see the second.

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