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Monday, November 27, 2006

When You Get Drafted

Remember the Dead Kennedys? The song went something like, "So what you gonna do when you get drafted?" Good question, and one I don't have to answer since I was a part of the all-volunteer force many, many years ago just after the Vietnam era.

Anyway, it seems some people are kicking around the draft as a way to curb politicians' urges to start and continue wars ... they figure that by making everyone's kid a soldier, it will be less palatable to send them off to war. Grab a clue, please. The draft does little more than make a cheap source of labor available for this sort of thing. It didn't stop Ike, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon from muddling in Vietnam, and in fact probably made it more likely that we would be there since that war was not being carried on the books at its real costs.


Blogger Scott said...

It's just political grandstanding and it's stupid. If Rangel was my Representative I'd be pitching a fit and telling him to quite wasting everyone's time on stupid stuff and do some real work. He's been pulling this stunt every year for years -- he submits a bill to reinstate the draft...and then he votes against it!

Get a clue, indeed.

12:31 PM, November 28, 2006  

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