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Monday, March 27, 2006

Woo hoo !!! my cable's being upgraded !!!

From roughly 34 channels to ... roughly 34 channels. Why do they bother to post big announcements at my door telling me they are "upgrading" my basic cable when all they are doing is moving around three channels? And they tell me I get 40 programs, but when you look at the chart at least six of them are time-shares. For example, they count CNBC as an english ("global") channel, but it shares its slot with GIGA, NBC's lame channel for Gamers in germany ... really cool watching people play video games on TV, not!

Yes, perhaps they have slotted in a few more digital programs, but I'm not going to shell out another EUR 7 per month for the basic digital to get television I won't watch, and another EUR 3 per month to get the Global packet of "english" channels we are all dying to see, like Turner Classic Movies, National Geographic Channel, and Boomerang (I guess if you are desparate for english programming, these might do, but you really have to be desparate).

Bottom line is, if you can get a Sky digibox and subscription, do so.


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